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Dr. Meena Balgopal

This page was developed by Dr. Meena Balgopal (Professor, Science Education, Department of Biology) in the fall of 2008. I taught Science Methods from 2008-2015, and each semester my students were invited to join this page and to modify it (add/remove/reorganize resources) to keep it user friendly and current. The intention of this page is that it is a repository of resources that CSU science education graduates can access during and after their studies at CSU. I no longer teach Science Methods, but I am still involved in studying how people learn science and how educators can better facilitate learning (through pedagogical and curricular choices). The page initially started as a wiki and has since been relocated to the CSU Robert Noyce Scholarship page with the help of 2019 undergraduate Noyce scholar Bradley Whitaker.  

Mathematics resources were curated by 2018 Noyce scholar, Erin Dawson.

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