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Evolution and Genetics

1. Scientific theory = colloquial/personal theory

2. Evolution is unobservable

3. Evolution is not testable or repeatable

4. Teaching both (science and religion) “sides of the story” is fair in a science class

5. Teaching both (science and religion) “sides of the story” is legal in a science class

6. Teaching creationism and intelligent design in science class is appropriate

7. Evolution theory explains the origin of life

8. The Earth is very young (a few thousand years old)

9. Evolutionary fitness is determined by who is the strongest and biggest.

10. “Competition for resources” always involves fighting.

11. Organisms are aware of their changes over time (anthropomorphism)

12. Organisms change because of a need (teleological reasoning)

13. “Higher” organisms can direct their evolution, unlike “lower” organisms

14. If traits are used during a life time, they are heritable (Lamarckian ideas)

15. Natural selection is the only mechanism of evolution.

16. Natural selection can be defined by “survival of the fittest.”

17. The environment induces evolutionary changes.

18. Humans “came from” apes.

19. New species are formed by a “blending” of two existing species.

20. Evolution is progressive (following a path).

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